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Privacy Policy

Welcome webstore and thank you for register on our webstore. We promise to proctect your privacy. All information about your name,email address,phone number and shipping address what your fill on our webstore. You provide information of your email address that we will send to you about your order confirmation, tracking number and tracking website. We only share our shipping address and phone number with shipping company,and they can delivery your item to your right address. Your phone number in case of some problems about your order or delivery and contact you in time.

We offer standard secure encrypt technology product all personal information on our website. The encrypt technology can protect your name,shipping address, phone number and credit card numbers etc. We are proud of our Encrypt technology has been verified more than 120% security. This website are checked weekly and make sure encrypt technology.

Have any concerns, questions or comments about our privacy notice, please contact us at and we will make more satisfaction for you.

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