Choosing an Internship in the Fashion Industry

Choosing an Internship in the Fashion Industry

A fashion design internship

A fashion design internship can open up a world of possibilities for a student interested in fashion. Students who complete an internship will often be able to attend fashion shows, be exposed to fashion design companies, and gain valuable insight into what is new in the industry. However, choosing an internship is not something that should be taken lightly. There are a few things a student should keep in mind when choosing an internship opportunity.

fashion design internship


The first thing a student should do before they begin searching for an internship is to decide whether they wish to be a full-time intern or if they wish to only spend the summer working in an internship. Interns usually work less and get no pay during the summer, but this is not always the case. For students who plan on spending the entire summer in a fashion internship, there are many scholarships available as well as internships at fashion companies. If the student wants to do both, they can find both jobs at the same time and receive their full wages and benefits.

Another thing a student should keep in mind before

Another thing a student should keep in mind before choosing an internship is how much time they have to dedicate to a fashion internship. Students who are attending a fashion school often spend four or five years getting an education before they can even think about a career in fashion design. These students should make sure that they are able to put in the hours it takes to complete a four-year degree as well as enough hours to fulfill an internship. The amount of time a student has to devote to an internship depends largely on where they are attending college. At a fashion school located on the East Coast, a student will likely have more time to devote to an internship because this is where the fashion industry is based more.

After deciding how much time a student

After deciding how much time a student will be able to commit to an internship, they should look for an internship opportunity that offers pay. Many internships pay on a regular basis, while others are paid only once or twice a year. Before applying for a fashion internship, a person should make sure that they will be paid fairly when the internship is finished. A person should also consider how much money they can afford to spend on an internship. Some people are able to send out multiple resumes for an internship opportunity, while others need to send only one resume to multiple companies if they want to have any chance of getting an interview.

Another thing a person

Another thing a person should keep in mind before choosing an internship is if the fashion internships they are sending their resumes to will match with what the fashion designer is doing at the company they are interning for. If the fashion company is not related to the fashion internship, then a person should choose an internship that does not involve working closely with the company’s owner or manager. The best way to figure out if the internship will be remotely related to the owner’s or manager’s job is to ask the fashion designer if they are open to working with a local boutique as an intern. If the fashion designer says yes, then that is a great place to send out their resume. However, if they say no, then it is best to send the resume to another fashion company that works in close proximity with the fashion designer.


The next thing that a person should keep in mind when looking for an internship opportunity is if the internship is going to be a summer internship, and if so, what the student needs to do to qualify for the internship. For summer internships, a person can usually either show up for the internship on campus or can apply for the internship online. If a student applies for the internship online, then they will need to submit a cover letter, resume, and a list of samples that they have done. Then, the company will look over all of the samples and determine which one will be the best for them to do the internship. Then, if the intern is accepted into the internship, then they will be mailed their paperwork.


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