Crafting a Fashion Crochet Scrapbook

Crafting a Fashion Crochet Scrapbook

Fashion croquis is a popular crocheting

Fashion croquis is a popular crocheting crocheted accessory for many crocheters today. The word croquis really means crook in French and refers to a simple sketch of an everyday fashion figure meant for pointing clothing in a flattering and accurate manner. When first crocheting a garment, you need to establish a pattern, or a foundation, which is used as a starting point. The fashion croquis provides that base and provides clothing with an attractive shape and shows them off in the most flattering way when are crocheting clothes. Crochet foundation stitches also make the foundationless slippery for when you make your first slip knot.

fashion croquis


To make a crochet croquis, begin by pulling a long piece of yarn that is tied at the center of the hook (Figure D). This yarn is known as the fringe, which is worked first into the fabric with a vertical line. This creates a horizontal line that will later be used to draw the initial design. Next, the crocheter draws this design up and down the fabric, making sure to follow the natural line of the fabric. After the initial design is complete, the crocheter makes multiple wraps around the wrist, creating a looped edge at the top of the scarf that can then be attached to the upper body.

One common method of fashion

One common method of fashion croquis involves crocheting one single strand across the entire length of the body and then making several smaller wraps along with the body parts. These wraps are called ovals and are used to show off the natural shapes of the arms, legs, breasts, and other body parts. With this simple crochet method, the ovals can range in size from tiny ovals to large, curvy ovals. The larger sizes can be used to create a slightly longer scarf that would drape over the entire body. Crocheters who prefer to have a more organic and free-flowing style may opt to crochet these patterns with a larger oval that is drawn across the body.

Another popular fashion

Another popular fashion croquis pattern uses a series of circular, flat stitches that wind up over the top of the body (Figure E). A series of stops at different points on the top of the body will show off the subtle curves of the hips and thighs. This crochet pattern is best worked with an 8-inch crochet hook and a small amount of worsted weight yarn. When crocheting with a smaller hook, the yarn can be worked more loosely so that more elasticity is built up at the ends to compensate for the increase in size.

If you wish to create a scarf

If you wish to create a scarf that features a single line or a series of repeating stitches that drape around the body, you should consider crocheting a fashion figure chart. These charts are available online and in many crochet books. Using a crochet guide will allow you to quickly determine the hook size that will give you the greatest versatility when crocheting. The size of the crochet hook that you use will also dictate how tightly you can work the stitches to create a fashionable look. A crochet hook that is too loose will not provide enough tension to hold the scarf tight against the body, while a crochet hook that is too thick will cause the fabric to pull away from the body.


Crochet enthusiasts who enjoy sketching their own designs can make use of crochet templates. These templates, which come in digital form as well as physical formats, provide the user with a pre-designed pattern and instructions for making a sketch of the pattern. The sketching process allows the crafter to see their design in real-time and to change the design as they desire. Once the design has been finalized, it can be converted to a digital crochet stitch by using the appropriate software. The templates provide step-by-step instructions for working from the sketch in digital crochet. Many chapters have found these templates to be indispensable when beginning a new crochet project and trying to complete a fashionable look.


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