Getting a Fashion Marketing Job Through P-Fashion

Getting a Fashion Marketing Job Through P-Fashion

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Be the first to post your comment on the P Fashion Store. You may also add your link to your comment and the link will be live. Be the first to comment on P Fashion Store. Then write up a good review of sports goods & accessories dealers. You can start a new topic for your review and put in links to your review and website address at the end of your comment. The system will pick up your comments and then you will receive a star.

If you have written a good review

If you have written a good review, chances are the store manager will read your comment, and he/she will consider approving your review or may ask you to revise your comment. If the person who reads your comments likes what you have to say, he/she will give you a star. If the person doesn’t like what you have to say, he/she will delete your comment.

the store manager has written

If you don’t like what the store manager has written, write something else. If you are not happy with the way the fashion store is managed, you should be the one to say so. Just write down the reasons why you are unhappy. You may state the problem to the people who manage the fashion store. Write it in detail, and make sure you state your opinions clearly.


After reading your comments, the people in charge of the P Fashion Store will contact you to discuss your comments. Now it’s your turn. You have to prove that you are saying good things about the store. Write them all down, and keep them in a file. You might also want to keep them in your purse, wallet, or briefcase if you often leave your home for work.


Remember, there is no magic formula to become a successful Fashion Marketer, but there is definitely a formula to make sure your comments help others see the good side of the P-store. Remember, if you really like what you see at the store, then others will notice it and think you are a wise and helpful person. And believe me, that is what you really want. People will start to notice you and your positive energy. They will appreciate all you have done for the fashion world and for yourself.


So, before you go on a review site, find out if you like the fashion store and the manager. Do not just read comments because these could hurt your career. Read carefully, and if you are satisfied with what you find, then go ahead and write a nice review.


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