Womenswear Fashions in the 1950s and After

Womenswear Fashions in the 1950s and After

Fashion clothes are items usually worn around the body. Fashion clothes are usually made of various fabrics or garments but in recent times have also included clothes made of animal skin or various thin sheets of synthetic material put together. The wearing of such clothes is mainly confined to human beings and isn’t as prominent in animal societies.

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During the 1950s this clothing was referred to as “nightwear” and was initially worn for going out to dinner or bars. The design for these clothes was to have button-front pants with full-length dresses. These were designed to be loose-fitting and made from silk, cotton, or a mixture of different fabrics. These particular dresses were known as evening gowns or bridal gowns.

In the 1950s nightwear became less formal

In the 1950s nightwear became less formal as it was abandoned in favor of longer knee-length skirts, cocktail dresses, and more relaxed cuts of fabric. The most common colors chosen shades of white and light blue. The more relaxed styles included more cutouts on the side or short hemline dresses. These were accompanied by platform shoes, open-toe sandals and strappy heals.

fashion for women was to wear short skirts or dresses

The 1950s fashion for women was to wear short skirts or dresses with full skirts. Women were encouraged to choose their own tops and accessories including jewelry, belts, purses, and handbags. Ties were casual as well as colorful, although not as showy as they are today. Ties were generally made of silk with small sparkly buttons. Some women even wore plain white or beige cotton socks with their evening dresses.


In the 1950s fashion for women included jeans, skirts, and shorts, while for young men, they wore sports jackets and baseball caps. Ties were also worn as a sign of formality, but not as much as they are today. Ties were often replaced by bow ties and ponytails to create a casual look. Women’s pants were designed using pleats, colorful suspenders, and elasticized waistbands. Young men’s fashion for the time favored brightly colored sportswear, including stripes and polka dots that were paired with casual work shirts.


Fashion clothes were designed to be comfortable to wear and appealing to all people. Some were uncomfortable to wear in certain seasons because of the materials used. During the 1960s the fashion for the time was to have comfortable clothes that were made from organic fibers and were non-abrasive. They also wanted to wear clothes that were not made of wool. The 1960s marks the golden age of womenswear and it has come back in a big way since then.


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