Fashion Research – Education For a Fashion Career

Fashion Research – Education For a Fashion Career

Every fashion design school, college and university requires its students to take a number of elective courses in their fashion design program. These courses are designed to help students understand the history and current state of fashion design. However, when choosing which electives to take you should be aware that only some of these have strong applications to your chosen career path. The best way to decide which electives to take is by first consulting with a fashion research board or counselor. The research board can help you make sure that you are taking the classes that will be most beneficial in terms of your eventual career goals.

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Some of the more popular topics covered at fashion design schools and colleges include the history of fashion, the elements of design, and the different styles that exist. Understanding these topics can help you better understand how fashion relates to society. By studying fashion, the student can also become more knowledgeable about the historical periods and styles that shaped our culture.


There are many aspects to fashion, and fashion design schools are particularly concerned with those aspects that relate to current fashion trends. One course that is commonly taken in fashion design schools and colleges is the analysis of current fashion marketing. Students will explore how various marketing strategies are used in relation to fashion trends. These strategies can include advertising campaigns, fashion shows and social media. By learning about how all of these strategies are used, the student will have a greater understanding of how fashion affects the viewer’s decisions.


Marketing, advertising and fashion all work together, and students must be prepared to learn the ins and outs of each industry. A good marketing class, which may be required of all students, addresses these topics. Marketing can be studied anywhere in the world thanks to the internet, but it is a good idea for students to do their learning within a specific market. Doing so will make it easier to apply what you have learned in class to real life situations.


After students complete a marketing course at college, they should be familiar with the different facets of fashion design. They should also be familiar with the terminology associated with fashion, including terms such as “minimalist” and “euromone”. Terms such as “high fashion” and “street wear” are also important terms to become familiar with because they affect fashion decisions all the time.


Fashion education at the college level can take several forms, and each fashion course has its own purpose. If you want to teach yourself about designing, then you should do some research into programs such as The Fashion Institute of America and the Art Institutes. If your career goals involve becoming a stylist or writer, you can focus on a program such as the Academy of Art University. Whatever the specific goal you have in mind, there is likely an art school that can provide you with the education you need to get there.


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