How to Find Fashion Synonyms

How to Find Fashion Synonyms

how to use fashion synonyms

Have you ever wondered how to use fashion synonyms in English? I sure have many times. The thing is, when you get right down to it, the meanings of these words don’t really change much from each other. They are just used differently in different situations. That being said, there is one thing that all synonyms have in common, and that is the ability to create a different meaning from each word. In this article, I am going to share with you a little bit about this.

fashion synonyms


Many people seem to think that synonyms are some kind of magic that can change the meaning of a word. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as I said above, they only change the meaning slightly. For example, the word “lapel” has the meaning of the dress, or ornament, or something flat and rectangular. However, when we use the synonym “leotard”, we are talking about a type of costume or outfit.

One of my favorite synonyms for clothing

One of my favorite synonyms for clothing is also one of the vaguest, and that is “clothes”. You could take any sentence containing the word clothes and replace it with another word. For instance, we can replace the word clothes with “new clothes”, or “old clothes” or even “dressing room”. So, let’s say that we are taking a sentence like “You looked great today” with the synonym “old clothes”. What changes would this make?


First of all, we will now use the word “old” to refer to clothing that is tattered and worn. This change immediately makes the sentence vaguer. “Old clothes” doesn’t mean something that is damaged. Instead, we are describing clothing that is in need of a little bit of age-tarnish. Using many fashion synonyms, the word old will describe clothing that is slightly worn.


It would also be nice if the word “tattered” was used in much more circumstances than simply describing the way a person’s clothing looks. After all, there are many ways a person’s wardrobe can look! A man could wear a tattered shirt with an Oxford shirt, or a woman could wear a tattered skirt along with a stylish top.


If you have trouble finding many common words that describe the way the wardrobe or clothing looks, you may want to learn more about the language. Learning about the language of fashion can open up many opportunities for you, especially when it comes to fashion synonyms. As a matter of fact, the words you use to describe a style can often make or break a particular outfit. Just think about it: would you choose a dress that had the word dirty written across the front? Of course, you wouldn’t, and this same idea applies to clothing.


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